Free Things To Do In Canaan Valley, WV


Whether you’ve made plans to stay in Tucker County or you’re traveling through the area, make sure to stop and check out all of the fun (and free!) activities Canaan Valley has to offer. There are numerous free outdoor adventures for both friends and family to partake in all season long. From bird and wildlife watching, and hiking, to biking, sight-seeing, fishing and more, Canaan Valley brings out the adventurist in all of us. Come relax and unwind, and take time to enjoy your favorite outdoor pastimes in our Wild and Wonderful State.
Here is a list of free activities to do in Canaan Valley

1. Hiking

Hiking in and around Canaan Valley is a popular outdoor activity for both locals and visitors, and there are several trails and state parks to fit everyone’s hiking needs. Learn More


2. Biking

Biking in Canaan Valley, West Virginia is equally fun and relaxing. With no worry of big-city traffic, you can ride through bike-friendly roadways and take in the scenic views down every trail. Learn More


3. Geocaching

Geocaching is the first adventure game for GPS users that lets them “be the search engine.” Using their GPS systems, participants attempt to locate hidden containers—referred to as “geocaches”—that have been hidden all over the world by other individuals or organizations. Learn More


4. Bird and Wild Life Watching

No matter where your travels take you in West Virginia, keep your eyes open for wildlife sightings around each road and down every trail. Whether you’re bird watching or you’re looking out for raccoons, fox, coyotes or even bears, you’re sure to spot something on your adventures. Learn More


5. Fishing

Fishing requires a WV State license. Anglers must access the waterways from designated routes and parking areas or via the Blackwater River. Learn More


6. Berry Picking in Dolly Sods

Berry picking has been a fun and easy-going pastime for decades. Whether you’ve heard your grandparents talking about harvesting berries in the fields growing up, or your family still carries on the tradition with making and canning jam, it’s an enjoyable experience for all ages. Learn More


7. Hammocking

Looking to relax and unwind with the sights, sounds and scents of nature? Find a hammock, or hang your own, and you can do just that.
If you decide to hang your own hammock at a state park or local trail, it’s important to know helpful tips and stay courteous of other visitors in the area. Read More

You can view more things to do in Canaan Valley here.

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