Get Even More Bookings for your Vacation Rental Home or Cabin in Canaan Valley, West Virginia.

There are a lot of national and global websites to list your vacation rentals on, but none that are specifically marketed for Canaan Valley. We specialize in regional marketing to showcase your properties to millions of people in the DC and Northern Virginia metro area. We also market to Pennsylvania, West Virginia and other surrounding states. You won’t get this niche level service from the big guys. That’s where we can complete your marketing strategy to get you more bookings! 

We can provide you with the extra exposure you need.

Pride in What We Do

We focus exclusively on rental areas in and around West Virginia’s beautiful mountainous region. You’ll have full control over your calendar, pricing and fees.

Continually Higher Results

Since launching our site, has generated over a million views from people interested in staying in the Valley. Our exclusive focus and unique approach to advertising the great benefits of the Valley has resulted in driving lots of interested visitors from Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia to many of the beautiful vacation homes and cabins in the area. Our exclusive focus on the Valley has resulted in continually higher and higher visits and more bookings for our owners.


Visitor Growth Over the Last 2 Years vs Prior Period

Unique Visitors Over the Last 2 Years

Our advertising and content creation brings our owners thousands of unique visitors each month to their unique, beautiful vacation home listings. And with our exclusive focus on Canaan – you get great visibility!

Showcasing the Beauty to be Explored in the Valley!

We focus on the great things happening in Canaan Valley. We share with our email list some of the exciting opportunities for vacation experiences; whether that be during the ski season or during the beautiful fall, spring or summer seasons. We showcase all the fun activities that the Valley has to offer!

We Provide Vacation Rental Exposure in Canaan Valley, West Virginia!

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