Birding and Wildlife Watching

No matter where your travels take you in West Virginia, keep your eyes open for wildlife sightings around each road and down every trail. Whether you’re bird watching or you’re looking out for raccoons, fox, coyotes or even bears, you’re sure to spot something on your adventures.

If you’re camping, hiking or fishing in or around Canaan Valley, there is an abundance of wildlife and habitat throughout. There are numerous birds to be spotted on the refuge and they can be found along every trail. In fact, the grasslands near the valley floor host grassland bird species such as bobolink, Henslow’s sparrow, grasshopper sparrow, eastern meadowlark, and savannah sparrow. Some other animals, which may possibly be seen, are whitetail deer, black bear, beaver, muskrat, raccoon, fisher, fox, coyote, and more.

Why wait to start exploring? Grab the family and the binoculars and head outside–nature awaits! There’s still so much to be seen right outside your resort. Birds, rabbits, raccoons and fox are popular animals known for hanging around in the warmer months, but it’s important to be aware of your surroundings during whichever season you visit. Take time during your stay to bird and wildlife watch. It’s fun, and education, for the whole family!