Skiing at a resort with the family and adventuring outdoors is still popular for families in Canaan Valley. However, today, you can take you favorite pastimes to a whole new level with geocaching!

Geocaching is the first adventure game for GPS users that lets them “be the search engine.” Using their GPS systems, participants attempt to locate hidden containers—referred to as “geocaches”—that have been hidden all over the world by other individuals or organizations. Once you locate a cache, you’re asked to give an account of your experience online for fellow geocachers to read about.
Another great part about geocaching is that everyone can get involved because it’s easy to learn and provides endless fun!

All you need to enjoy geocaching at Ski Resorts in West Virginia is a sense of adventure and, of course, a GPS system. If you don’t already have one, you’re in luck because Canaan Valley West Virginia Ski Resort rents them out all year round for the low cost of $10 for half a day or $15 for a full day. They also provide map coordinates to aid in geocaching.

Geocaching at Canaan Valley Resort is the perfect activity for people who are outdoor adventurist or for those who just want to try something new while visiting Ski Resorts in West Virginia. If you need a break from the slopes, you can still explore your surroundings by going on a high-tech treasure hunt. All you need to do is visit the Recreation Center and get your GPS unit and map coordinates. Remember, when you’ve found a cache, try to leave something behind for the next explorers and most importantly, have fun!