Berry Picking at Dolly Sods

Berry picking has been a fun and easy-going pastime for decades. Whether you’ve heard your grandparents talking about harvesting berries in the fields growing up, or your family still carries on the tradition with making and canning jam, it’s an enjoyable experience for all ages.
Depending on the berries you’re looking to pick, it’s important to check and make sure they’re in season. Where blackberries are usually not ripe until late August or early September, strawberries, elderberries and blueberries are typically ready to pick in summer–as well as most other types of berries.
If you’re a berry-picking enthusiast or you’re looking to enjoy a free outdoor activity, Dolly Sods in Canaan Valley is a must! Dolly Sods, a wilderness area part of the Monongahela National Forest, is where most individuals journey for hiking and biking trails, outdoor wildlife, and breathtaking views. However, a true Dolly Sods goer knows it’s also a great location for seasonal berries and can spot patches on the open terrain. Plus, the diverse climate and unique mixture of ecosystems makes Dolly Sods a one-of-a-kind spot for berry picking. (Note: it’s legal to pick berries on site for personal use, but commercial picking is not allowed.)
Many have experienced hiking on rocky and unvegetated areas and coming across an abundant forested path covered in berries. Cranberries, blueberries, huckleberries–you name it! Some also mention “Bear Rocks,” Dolly Sods adjoining north neighbor, which has a wild blueberry season unlike anyone has seen. Start at Bear Rocks trail and loop around the park for more scenic trails and rocky trails.
If you’re driving by Canaan Valley or you’re  already in town, stop by Dolly Sods or Bear Rocks! If you’re looking for some free fun, grab your friends and family, and spend some quality time together picking wild berries! You never know what adventures you’ll find around the corner (and all of the delicious treats you can make with your berries!).
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