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A relatively simple book that was first published over 20 years ago explains how partners express and experience love. Trademarked and developed by Gary Chapman, this concept in relationships is called The 5 Love Languages.

A number of online quizzes are available to help you assess your own love language (as well as the love language of your partner) but official 5 Love Languages test is located at

Go ahead and click over as the assessment is just a few “either/or” questions and will take less than 5 minutes to complete. The results will outline the Love Language that you, personally, most often speak. The style that resonates with you, the one that rises to the top, will be one of either words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts, acts of service, or physical touch.

Consider this analogy: each person has a reservoir of “feel good” based on the primary language he or she speaks. Using the style that means the most to your partner may be a new way to consider the interactions of your relationship this Valentine’s Day.

It is important to note that your partner’s language; however, is not necessarily the primary language you yourself speak.

Read more below about how to best leverage your communication styles while on your romantic getaway, a quick overnight stay or extended weekend at Canaan Valley Cabins.

Words of Affirmation

The first Love Language is known as words of affirmation. Many people with this style respond to hearing the words “I love you” or “I respect you”. It is important for this person to hear how much he or she means to you. While, on the other hand, verbal or strongly-worded insults cut straight to the core.

For a getaway in Canaan Valley, words of affirmation can be spoken or written; it’s the act of communicating with words. Take an evening while sitting in front of the cracking stone fireplace to turn off the flat screen tv and tell your partner what he or she truly means to you. Make a list of 50 “Reasons I Love You”. Write a love letter and express your innermost feelings. Say the compliments that you so-often think but don’t have a chance to tell your partner.

Quality Time

Quality time is a Love Language that is being infringed upon daily in our digital society. Time that will resonate with your person is time that is undivided with him or her. That said, a last-minute change of plans or distracted discussion can be hurtful.

On your retreat to the woods, use the secluded location to your advantage. Lace up your boots for a short hike and look your partner in the eyes while taking a water break on the trail. Leave the cell phones on the charger, skip the Facebook and Instagram scrolling and ask abut your mate’s dreams. Try to memorize every freckle on her nose while she’s talking.

Receiving Gifts

A third Love Language is receiving gifts. This is not a simple desire for more things, but rather, this means that your love will appreciate a tangible reminder of your thoughtfulness. The opposite can be true when you forget a birthday or anniversary or rush out to grab a gift at the store last minute.

Before the two of you arrive for your stay in Canaan Valley, plan to have flowers and chocolates waiting at the rental cabin. While cross country skiing, use your ski pole to etch your names plus “forever” into the snow. Give him the re-purposed cuff links from he and his dad’s favorite board game.

Acts of Service

A fourth Love Language is the act of service. This service can truly be anything that lessens the stress or responsibilities load on your partner. Being lazy or sloppy can have an adverse effect.

Booking a vacation is a great start. Take care of all of the little details like gassing up the car and checking the oil before the 2.5 hour drive and packing his or her favorite salty snacks. Make sure to pack the toothbrushes to take the stress off of packing for your partner. Think ahead and draw a bath in the jetted tub while she’s unpacking. Use her favorite lavender bath bomb.

Physical Touch

Last but not least, the fifth Love Language is physical touch. The two of you are obviously romantic partners but it’s not all about being intimate. Rather, this language is the contact with the other person such as a hug, a touch on the arm, caressing the back or touching the face. Physical abuse, of course, is the opposite; detrimental touches do more harm than good.

For a vacation, there are many ways to tell someone you love them in using simple physical touch. Sit while waiting for dinner holding hands across the table. Bring out a blanket and watch a move together with his head on your chest. Sit in the hot tub shoulder to shoulder while looking at the stars on a crisp winter night.

Once you work on speaking your partner’s language, you will feel closer and more connected with each other.

What a great feeling to know you you can speak the language that means the most to your loved one and spend the perfect Canaan Valley Valentine’s Day with each other.

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