Hay! Enjoy Canaan Valley Horseback Riding

If you’re wanting to spend quality time enjoying fresh mountain air, look no further than a Canaan Valley horseback riding daytrip. Riders of all experience levels will enjoy the outdoor adventure in the highest valley east of the Mississippi.

Horseback riding is an easy outdoor activity for the entire family. There are no minimum athletic requirements and trained guides will take time to slowly introduce riders to the horses. There are pre-ride safety briefings as well as introductions to horse behaviors.

Horseback riding can even be considered a workout as it engages the core muscles to remain balanced on the horse.

Mountain Trail Rides, in particular, is centrally-located in the Valley offering guided horseback rides. Vacationers or honeymooners can begin with one-hour rides through Canaan Valley State Park or choose up to six-hour journeys to the Dolly Sods Wilderness area.

The shorter rides are available throughout the year offer stunning views, photo vantage points and possible wildlife sightings. Canaan Valley is known for animals such as black bears, red foxes and white-tailed deer. Also, birds such as the golden-winged warbler, Canada warblers, red-tailed hawks, and there are occasional bald eagle sightings.
The longer wilderness adventures are for riders older than 14 years of age and are more involved trips offering more scenic sights and a picnic-style lunch and snacks. A large portion of this region traveled on these rides is designated as the US National Wildlife Refuge. The weather in these areas can be extreme and quickly change, thus, these rides are only offered May through October.

To prepare for a horseback ride, wear long pants and close-toed shoes. Do not wear long, loose shirts or dangling jewelry that could get tangled in the harness. We also recommend wearing a helmet on your ride.

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