Experiences for All Ages in Canaan Valley

Sep 15, 2018

Once your family arrives in Canaan Valley for a long weekend or special escape, there are many activities to keep the entire group busy. While there is something for everyone in West Virginia, we have listed some especially awesome activities by age group for your next family getaway.

Adult(s) + Ages 0-4

For the infants and toddlers, the family can easily go on a hiking adventure. Grab a backpack hiking carrier or a rugged jogging stroller and take in the sights along an 18-mile network of trails. Each of the trails are of a varying difficulty so you can enjoy the beauty of wild and wonderful West Virginia at your own pace. Don’t forget to stop at the Blackwater Falls overlook! Did you know that it’s the tannic acid of hemlock and red spruce tree needles that tints the water of the falls its notoriously dark hue?

Just down from the falls, take in Blackwater Canyon. This half-mile wide ravine is awe-inspiring and you can see for yourself why it is one of West Virginia’s most photographed sites. There are multiple trail options to lead you to this breathtaking natural attraction.

When the kids (and adults) get worn out, head back to your rental retreat to re-energize with an afternoon cat-nap. Share some fruit snacks, recline on the leather sofa and let the youngest get in some tummy time in your own spacious family room.

Adult(s) + Ages 5-9

For families with kids ages five to nine, there are so many options! Are you feeling froggy? Challenge each other to see who can jump the highest on the Eurobungy (a bungee-jumping simulator). If you’re not feeling quite as bouncy, you can try the climbing wall that allows up to 3 climbers at a time.

Climbing and jumping can zap your energy so recoup in the eight-person hot tub. Just steps from the main level on the deck, it’s the perfect way to soak those tired arms and legs. If the kids aren’t quite ready for the day to end, let them run and play behind the house in the backyard catching lightning bugs.

Having an entire house all to yourself also means that there isn’t a better opportunity to make grandma’s mostly famous chocolate chip cookies for a special dessert.

Adult(s) + Tween/14+

Are your kids ages ten to fourteen years old? Remind them that slow and steady may typically win the race, but not on a special Canaan slide! Zip down the Turtle Slide Tube Ride and enjoy a quick ride as a tow rope pulls you back to the top of the hill. For those youngsters who aren’t quite as adventurous, Canaan Valley is an excellent bird-watching mecca. Coming up in a few weeks (late May) is the official Canaan Valley Birding Festival. This small festival provides participants quality time with volunteer leaders who help birders of all ages find the birds on their life lists.

A washer and dryer located in the utility room of your cabin come in handy for cleaning up those muddy biking clothes and drying out wet ski gloves and hats. While you wait, gather around to watch the newest movie release on a large flat screen television.

In a vacation home, take advantage of a personal game room. Let pap and dad explain the pool table rules to the younger generation well into the night.

Adult(s) + Young Adults/Everyone

For the older ones and the kids at heart, set out on a hunt for some prizes. Geocache prizes, that is. Bring your GPS to find various hidden treasures in old ammo cans, Tupperware containers or PVC pipes. Find the clues on www.geocaching.com and don’t forget to sign the logbook when you find a cache!

These Canaan mountains are also the perfect spot for bike riders of all levels. The Canaan Valley Mountain Bike festival is in mid-June where there will be a variety of group rides, skills clinics and more. You don’t have to be a professional rider to have a ton of fun on these hills and trails. And, one of the coolest parts of the weekend event is making the connections with other outdoor adventurers.

If you get hungry from all the prize hunts and riding, grab a growler from a local brewery and head “home” to your rental. A spacious and well-appointed kitchen is available to make a family dinner. You know the kind: everyone-sitting-around-the-table-sis-will-you-pass-the-gravy-laugh-until-you-cry-stay-there-talking-until-the-leftovers-get-cold-smile-when-you-think-back-to-it kind of family dinner.

Ah, family memories!