There Are Less Worries When Walking – An Interview with Trina C

Aug 18, 2018

Trina C. from Morgantown took some time on the phone with us to share the amazing time that she had vacationing with her family in Canaan Valley. Trina won the trip as part of a silent auction benefit event and was able to escape to the mountains with her family in January of this past winter. Celebrating her husband’s 60th birthday was just the right reason to get away.

Trina, her husband, adult children and significant others, and her parents spent three days in the Canaan Valley area, specifically, in the Starry Nights home located in the Winterset community. The home is a well-appointed 5 bedroom and 4 bath home that sleeps 12.

Over the course of a long winter weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) the family lounged in the hot tub, made a family dinner each evening, and spread out across the house for space and time to watch the 8 separate TVs when they needed it.

This amazing getaway spent with those most important to her caused Trina to reflect on a few things:

There Are Less Worries When Walking

Since the Winterset Community is a ski-in / ski-out, the adult children (and their significant others) were able to walk to the ski slopes of the Winterset Ski Trail at Timberline Ski Resort. Being so close meant that the group could also back home for lunch. Having this midday check-in eased Trina’s mind and made for an enjoyable Saturday for her and her parents left relaxing at the house.

Dinner Tastes Better Together

There is nothing like taking the time to slow down, unwind and prepare meals together with the family. With the kitchen of this vacation rental having everything needed and more, Trina and her family were able to prepare lunches and three sit-down, no-phones, dinners together. Something about being surrounded with love makes a simple spaghetti meal taste amazing.

Dad is Actually Really Good at Pool

The games commence just before dinner! It was dad teaching the kids just how to put that certain spin on the ball and how to call the shots. Trina said that watching the kids spend time with their father was a lot of fun and several tournaments were held that weekend. Overall, the adults played against the children and dad’s team proudly took the W!

Inside Jokes Make the Very Best Memories

Trina told us that during a secluded getaway trip, the personalities really came out and the family created some inside jokes that you just had to be there to understand! This family trip was full of good times, especially with the grandparents Pa and Mang, that Trina will treasure for a long time. She was even smiling while she recounted the trip to us. Hopefully, the family will be able to make the time to have this be an annual family birthday celebration.

With kids and parents each going their own directions, it’s nice to have time together. Even if there isn’t a plan or an itinerary packed full for the weekend, a trip to Canaan Valley can be very enjoyable. No matter your family dynamic you’ll have good reflections from a getaway with us!

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