The Local Tap Scene | Breweries in Canaan Valley

Oct 30, 2018

The following breweries are truly where the locals go for great drinks in the Canaan Valley area. In no particular order, we wanted to give you insight into the local taps:

Mountain State Brewery

If you are looking for awesome beer, great food, and a comfortable family atmosphere, go visit Mountain State Brewery — the largest and, one of the oldest, distributing microbreweries and taprooms in West Virginia. Mountain State Brewery was founded in Thomas, West Virginia in 2005 by two stepbrothers (Brian Arnett & Willie Lehman) and also has locations in nearby Morgantown, West Virginia and McHenry, Maryland. Mountain State brews from the water at the top of the watershed, which is why their beers are so genuine and delicious! Their trademark? Their sawhorse seats!

Currently, there are four go-to beers brewed here: the Cold Trail Blonde Ale, Almost Heaven Amber Ale, the Seneca IPA and Miner’s Daughter Stout.

Blackwater Brewing Co

This brewery is independently owned and located near the Blackwater Falls entrance in Davis, West Virginia and is classified as a nano-brewery. The owners, Lincoln and Amanda Wilkins, focus on producing high-quality European Session Ales & Lagers. They brew classics and like to say, “Things of quality have no fear of time” and stay away from what’s trendy. This brewery was purchased and brought back to life in May 2012. While you’re there, play some fun pub games with your friends. Next-door, there is also a great menu of burgers, fries and specialties at Barrels Brewhouse. A custom-built brewing system produces small batches of traditional recipes. Also, locally-sourced maple syrup and honey are additions to the flavor profile of custom brews. Top beers to try are the Wood Hick Vanilla Maple Porter and Goldenrod Gold Ale.

Be sure to pick up a hat and a few stickers for your friends back home.

Stumptown Ales

Named for the timbering history that created the town of Davis, WV, Stumptown Ales offers craft- and hop-centric brews. Named West Virginia Brewery of the year in 2017 by, head brewer Jon Robeson says, “I’m not gonna put out a beer I don’t like.” Reviews hail the staff as being “experimental” and “dedicated to creating a great experience for guests”. Offering unique beers each week, Stumptown also offers a small plate menu. Food is not offered every day but you can bring outside food from nearby restaurants and sometimes there are food trucks on-site. So, if you’re looking for a cozy place to have a good beer with a friendly vibe, head on over to Stumptown Ales.

Psst…take home a growler of Holy Citra. It’s a tropical life changer!

The Canaan Valley area is also home to some amazing restaurants so take a look at our blog about the top West Virginia eateries.

Bear Brook Thumbnail Image      Starting at $169.00      

Bear Brook

By The Brook Thumbnail Image      Starting at $199.00      

By The Brook

Chalet Thumbnail Image      Starting at $169.00      


Evergreen Cabin Thumbnail Image      Starting at $220.00      

Evergreen Cabin

Lakeside Refuge Thumbnail Image      Starting at $599.00      

Lakeside Refuge

Mirror Lake Inn Thumbnail Image      Starting at $375.00      

Mirror Lake Inn

Mountainaire Thumbnail Image      Starting at $249.00      


Mountaineer Thumbnail Image      Starting at $189.00      


Northwoods F8, Bear Foot Inn Thumbnail Image      Starting at $159.00      

Northwoods F8, Bear Foot Inn

Orsinger's Barn Thumbnail Image      Starting at $399.00      

Orsinger's Barn

Silver Fox Thumbnail Image      Starting at $229.00      

Silver Fox

Spruce Haven Thumbnail Image      Starting at $230.00      

Spruce Haven

Uncle Wade's Cabin Thumbnail Image      Starting at $275.00      

Uncle Wade's Cabin

Valley Splendor Thumbnail Image      Starting at $199.00      

Valley Splendor

Valley View Thumbnail Image      Starting at $189.00      

Valley View

Cardinal Crest Thumbnail Image      Starting at $179.00      

Cardinal Crest

Cardinal Haus Thumbnail Image      Starting at $199.00      

Cardinal Haus

Winterset 19, Sara's Side Thumbnail Image      Starting at $279.00      

Winterset 19, Sara's Side

Aspen Knoll 6, Mountain Serenity Thumbnail Image      Starting at $275.00      

Aspen Knoll 6, Mountain Serenity

Deerfield Village 078, Mountaineers Thumbnail Image      Starting at $159.00      

Deerfield Village 078, Mountaineers

Deerfield Village 079, D'Bears Thumbnail Image      Starting at $159.00      

Deerfield Village 079, D'Bears

Northface 17, Abundant Blessings Thumbnail Image      Starting at $229.00      

Northface 17, Abundant Blessings

Ole Fezziwig's Thumbnail Image      Starting at $249.00      

Ole Fezziwig's

Northface 35, Stowaway Thumbnail Image      Starting at $249.00      

Northface 35, Stowaway

Northwoods B6, The Basebox Thumbnail Image      Starting at $169.00      

Northwoods B6, The Basebox

SS16, Larkwood Lodge Thumbnail Image      Starting at $325.00      

SS16, Larkwood Lodge

Tiny Peace of Zen Thumbnail Image      Starting at $149.00      

Tiny Peace of Zen

Winterhaven 69, Appause Wetu Thumbnail Image      Starting at $399.00      

Winterhaven 69, Appause Wetu

Wildlife Thumbnail Image      Starting at $199.00      


B5 Northwoods, Gone Ski' Inn Thumbnail Image      Starting at $169.00      

B5 Northwoods, Gone Ski' Inn

Beaver Ridge 127 Thumbnail Image      Starting at $189.00      

Beaver Ridge 127

WoodHaven Thumbnail Image      Starting at $215.00      


Deerfield Village 41, Eagle's Retreat Thumbnail Image

Deerfield Village 41, Eagle's Retreat

Styxneste Thumbnail Image      Starting at $169.00      


Deerfield Village 109, Red Spruce Retreat Thumbnail Image      Starting at $159.00      

Deerfield Village 109, Red Spruce Retreat

Almost Heaven Thumbnail Image      Starting at $215.00      

Almost Heaven

Sloan Bear Hideaway Thumbnail Image      Starting at $149.00      

Sloan Bear Hideaway

Eagle's Nest Thumbnail Image      Starting at $165.00      

Eagle's Nest

Blackwater Punch, Herzwood D204 Thumbnail Image      Starting at $165.00      

Blackwater Punch, Herzwood D204

Timberbrook Thumbnail Image      Starting at $249.00      


Beaver's Den Thumbnail Image      Starting at $149.00      

Beaver's Den

Casa Sierra Thumbnail Image      Starting at $165.00      

Casa Sierra

Das Marchenhaus Thumbnail Image      Starting at $179.00      

Das Marchenhaus

Deer Creek Cottage Thumbnail Image      Starting at $159.00      

Deer Creek Cottage

Red Door Roost Thumbnail Image      Starting at $229.00      

Red Door Roost

Snow Oaks Thumbnail Image      Starting at $215.00      

Snow Oaks

THISISIT Thumbnail Image      Starting at $159.00      


Zen Too Thumbnail Image      Starting at $149.00      

Zen Too

Mountain Glory Cabin Thumbnail Image      Starting at $350.00      

Mountain Glory Cabin

Blackwater Punch, Herzwood D204 Thumbnail Image      Starting at $165.00      

Blackwater Punch, Herzwood D204

Chalet Thumbnail Image      Starting at $169.00      


Uncle Wade's Cabin Thumbnail Image      Starting at $275.00      

Uncle Wade's Cabin