The Perfect Time to Slow Down: The Who, What, Where, When, and Why of Fall in Canaan Valley

Aug 19, 2019

Life gets busy. Whether you’re an ambitious professional or a parent being pulled in a million different directions, it’s crucial that you slow down a bit and take some time for yourself.

There’s no better time and place to do that than during the fall in Canaan Valley. It’s a vibrant time, with the trees in the mountains giving off stunning colors. It’s the perfect place for a cup of cider, a roaring campfire, and the company of people you love.

But where should you go for the best fall colors? And what weekends are “peak times” for autumnal beauty? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Who will enjoy fall in Canaan Valley?

The short answer: anyone who wants to take some time to slow down. And pretty much everyone falls into that category, right? So frankly we’re having trouble thinking of anyone who wouldn’t have an enjoyable time in Canaan Valley this fall!

Canaan Valley is well suited for families, friend groups, couples, and groups of coworkers. There are cabins for just about every sort of group, whether you’re a couple on a romantic getaway, a family with little kids, or a group of friends who are sick of the city and want some quiet time to reconnect.  

What should you do while you’re here in the fall?

There is no shortage of relaxing things to do in Canaan Valley during the fall months. You can take a walk along the many trails at Canaan Valley State Park, take a restorative nap in the mountain air, or enjoy some prime R&R in a cozy hot tub. 

While in Canaan Valley, make sure to visit the Leaf Peepers Festival on September 27th. This colorful family-friendly festival is a celebration of Canaan Valley’s stunning fall foliage. It’s held in the city of Davis, a small town that seems to get fall colors a little earlier than the rest of the area each year. 

Other fun activities include checking out the area’s array of breweries, getting lost in the Cove Run Farms Corn Maze, or snapping an Insta-worthy pic on Table Rock.   

When are the fall colors at their most vibrant?

Mother Nature is hard to predict of course, so it’s hard to say exactly when the perfect time to go is. You typically can’t go wrong during any of the first 10 days of October. Many consider that “peak time.” Online foliage maps and Instagram feeds can give you a more day-to-day forecast of the trees and their changes. Peak colors usually last around a month, before the weather starts its transition into winter. 

You’ll want to snap some good pictures of the leaves. Try to go out in the early morning so you can get the sort of bright lighting that will do justice to this vibrant mosaic of colors. Others enjoy going later in the day, around 5pm to get a “golden hour” snapshot as the sun goes down. It’s a matter of preference, and you really can’t go wrong.

Where can you see the best fall foliage? 

Canaan Valley is full of stunning overlooks that offer sprawling views of the surrounding fall colors. Some of our favorites include Bald Knob or Bear Rocks Preserve. Bald Knob even offers chairlift rides that can take you over the trees for particularly immersive views. Regardless of which overlook you choose, make sure it offers a gorgeous backdrop for your next Instagram story.

Why slow down in Canaan Valley?

A better question might be “Why not?” From a practical standpoint, Canaan Valley is easy to get to. It’s only a little more than three hours away from major cities like Pittsburgh and Baltimore by car. That makes it perfect for a weekend getaway, still giving you enough time to enjoy two full days in autumnal bliss.

More importantly, coming to Canaan Valley helps you finally relax. Studies show that taking time for vacation can improve your health, lower your stress levels, and even make you more productive once you get back to your everyday life. So you deserve to recharge — and you deserve to do it this fall in Canaan Valley.

Bear Brook Thumbnail Image      Starting at $165.00      

Bear Brook

By The Brook Thumbnail Image      Starting at $229.00      

By The Brook

Chalet Thumbnail Image      Starting at $165.00      


Evergreen Cabin Thumbnail Image      Starting at $229.00      

Evergreen Cabin

Lakeside Refuge Thumbnail Image      Starting at $550.00      

Lakeside Refuge

Mirror Lake Inn Thumbnail Image      Starting at $335.00      

Mirror Lake Inn

Mountainaire Thumbnail Image      Starting at $239.00      


Mountaineer Thumbnail Image      Starting at $179.00      


Northwoods F8, Bear Foot Inn Thumbnail Image      Starting at $149.00      

Northwoods F8, Bear Foot Inn

Orsinger's Barn Thumbnail Image      Starting at $349.00      

Orsinger's Barn

Silver Fox Thumbnail Image      Starting at $179.00      

Silver Fox

Spruce Haven Thumbnail Image      Starting at $219.00      

Spruce Haven

Uncle Wade's Cabin Thumbnail Image      Starting at $265.00      

Uncle Wade's Cabin

Valley Splendor Thumbnail Image      Starting at $189.00      

Valley Splendor

Valley View Thumbnail Image      Starting at $199.00      

Valley View

Cardinal Crest Thumbnail Image      Starting at $189.00      

Cardinal Crest

Cardinal Haus Thumbnail Image      Starting at $189.00      

Cardinal Haus

Winterset 19, Sara's Side Thumbnail Image      Starting at $229.00      

Winterset 19, Sara's Side

Aspen Knoll 6, Mountain Serenity Thumbnail Image      Starting at $299.00      

Aspen Knoll 6, Mountain Serenity

Deerfield Village 078, Mountaineers Thumbnail Image      Starting at $169.00      

Deerfield Village 078, Mountaineers

Deerfield Village 079, D'Bears Thumbnail Image      Starting at $169.00      

Deerfield Village 079, D'Bears

Northface 17, Abundant Blessings Thumbnail Image      Starting at $199.00      

Northface 17, Abundant Blessings

Ole Fezziwig's Thumbnail Image      Starting at $220.00      

Ole Fezziwig's

Northface 35, Stowaway Thumbnail Image      Starting at $199.00      

Northface 35, Stowaway

Northwoods B6, The Basebox Thumbnail Image      Starting at $159.00      

Northwoods B6, The Basebox

SS16, Larkwood Lodge Thumbnail Image      Starting at $299.00      

SS16, Larkwood Lodge

Tiny Peace of Zen Thumbnail Image      Starting at $149.00      

Tiny Peace of Zen

Winterhaven 69, Appause Wetu Thumbnail Image      Starting at $299.00      

Winterhaven 69, Appause Wetu

Wildlife Thumbnail Image      Starting at $199.00      


WoodHaven Thumbnail Image      Starting at $199.00      


Deerfield Village 41, Eagle's Retreat Thumbnail Image      Starting at $169.00      

Deerfield Village 41, Eagle's Retreat

Styxneste Thumbnail Image      Starting at $159.00      


Deerfield Village 109, Red Spruce Retreat Thumbnail Image      Starting at $179.00      

Deerfield Village 109, Red Spruce Retreat

Almost Heaven Thumbnail Image      Starting at $220.00      

Almost Heaven

Eagle's Nest Thumbnail Image      Starting at $149.00      

Eagle's Nest

Blackwater Punch, Herzwood D204 Thumbnail Image      Starting at $149.00      

Blackwater Punch, Herzwood D204

Timberbrook Thumbnail Image      Starting at $229.00      


Beaver's Den Thumbnail Image      Starting at $139.00      

Beaver's Den

Casa Sierra Thumbnail Image      Starting at $149.00      

Casa Sierra

Das Marchenhaus Thumbnail Image      Starting at $159.00      

Das Marchenhaus

Deer Creek Cottage Thumbnail Image      Starting at $149.00      

Deer Creek Cottage

Red Door Roost Thumbnail Image      Starting at $169.00      

Red Door Roost

Snow Oaks Thumbnail Image      Starting at $179.00      

Snow Oaks

THISISIT Thumbnail Image      Starting at $179.00      


Zen Too Thumbnail Image      Starting at $149.00      

Zen Too

Alpine Vista Thumbnail Image      Starting at $199.00      

Alpine Vista

Happy Cow Hideaway Thumbnail Image      Starting at $159.00      

Happy Cow Hideaway

Hickory House Thumbnail Image      Starting at $549.00      

Hickory House

Salty Peaks Thumbnail Image      Starting at $149.00      

Salty Peaks

Birch Haven Thumbnail Image      Starting at $159.00      

Birch Haven

Mountain Glory Cabin Thumbnail Image      Starting at $350.00      

Mountain Glory Cabin

Leaf Peeper's Chalet Thumbnail Image      Starting at $280.00      

Leaf Peeper's Chalet

Driftland Cabin Thumbnail Image      Starting at $250.00      

Driftland Cabin

Deerfield Village 41, Eagle's Retreat Thumbnail Image      Starting at $169.00      

Deerfield Village 41, Eagle's Retreat

Happy Cow Hideaway Thumbnail Image      Starting at $159.00      

Happy Cow Hideaway

Northwoods B6, The Basebox Thumbnail Image      Starting at $159.00      

Northwoods B6, The Basebox