The Ultimate Winter Playground for the Whole Family

Oct 15, 2019

In West Virginia’s beautiful Canaan Valley, you and your family will enjoy a winter wonderland of snow, smiles, and laughter. From skiing to snowboarding to snow tubing, ice skating, and so much more, there truly is something for everyone to enjoy. Your stay in the valley puts you near the White Grass Ski Touring Center, where you will enjoy some of the most exciting cross country skiing in the eastern part of the United States. Here’s a look at the top activities to partake in when staying in the highest mountain valley east of the Rockies.

Snow Tubing

The Canaan Valley Ski Resort is a go-to destination for those who want to hit the slopes on a tube. Your two-hour session passes give you full access to 1,200 feet of multi-lane snow tubing runs. Vending concessions along with restrooms are available in the snow tubing area — and there’s also an outdoor fire ring. It’s perfect for kids and teens, but do keep in mind that there is a minimum age of four and a height requirement of 42″ to go snow tubing.

Ice Skating

An outdoor, covered ice rink makes your stay in the Canaan Valley all the more fun. Since the rink is directly behind the main lodge building, you’ll enjoy breathtaking views of the 3,100-feet-high Alleghany Mountains during your skate. If you get chilly, you can head over to the outdoor fireplace.

Cross-Country Skiing and Snowshoeing

Voted Best in the Region for skiing, the White Grass Ski Touring Center has healthy, inexpensive activities like cross-country skiing for you and the family to partake in. If you enjoy snowshoeing, you’ll want to visit White Grass to take advantage of its 160 inches of annual, powdery fluff.

The facility was originally built in 1959 and was named the Weiss Knob Ski Area. It has more than 37 miles of maintained trails and 1,200 vertical feet of high country to cross country ski on.

Black Water Falls Sled Run

Also nearby is the Black Water Falls Sled Run, which is the longest sled run found on the east coast. At a quarter-mile long — that’s almost as much as four whole football fields! — this will be the best sled ride your kids will have ever had. The park recently installed new lighting and performed other upgrades to improve its functionality and safety.

The Takeaway

The Canaan Valley is the ultimate winter playground for the whole family. Come join us for the winter season to enjoy all kinds of fun-filled activities and top-rated lodging.

Bear Brook Thumbnail Image      Starting at $165.00      

Bear Brook

Bear's Den Thumbnail Image      Starting at $149.00      

Bear's Den

By The Brook Thumbnail Image      Starting at $229.00      

By The Brook

Chalet Thumbnail Image      Starting at $165.00      


Evergreen Cabin Thumbnail Image      Starting at $229.00      

Evergreen Cabin

Lakeside Refuge Thumbnail Image      Starting at $550.00      

Lakeside Refuge

Mirror Lake Inn Thumbnail Image      Starting at $335.00      

Mirror Lake Inn

Mountainaire Thumbnail Image      Starting at $249.00      


Mountaineer Thumbnail Image      Starting at $179.00      


Northwoods F8 Thumbnail Image      Starting at $179.00      

Northwoods F8

Orsinger's Barn Thumbnail Image      Starting at $349.00      

Orsinger's Barn

Silver Fox Thumbnail Image      Starting at $189.00      

Silver Fox

Spruce Haven Thumbnail Image      Starting at $220.00      

Spruce Haven

Uncle Wade's Cabin Thumbnail Image      Starting at $265.00      

Uncle Wade's Cabin

Valley Splendor Thumbnail Image      Starting at $189.00      

Valley Splendor

Valley View Thumbnail Image      Starting at $189.00      

Valley View

Cardinal Crest Thumbnail Image      Starting at $179.00      

Cardinal Crest

Cardinal Haus Thumbnail Image      Starting at $189.00      

Cardinal Haus

Winterset 19, Sara's Side Thumbnail Image      Starting at $229.00      

Winterset 19, Sara's Side

Aspen Knoll 6, Mountain Serenity Thumbnail Image      Starting at $325.00      

Aspen Knoll 6, Mountain Serenity

Deerfield Village 078, Mountaineers Thumbnail Image      Starting at $169.00      

Deerfield Village 078, Mountaineers

Deerfield Village 079 Thumbnail Image      Starting at $169.00      

Deerfield Village 079

Northface 17, Abundant Blessings Thumbnail Image      Starting at $199.00      

Northface 17, Abundant Blessings

Northface 24, Tree House Thumbnail Image      Starting at $189.00      

Northface 24, Tree House

Ole Fezziwig's Thumbnail Image      Starting at $220.00      

Ole Fezziwig's

Northface 35, Stowaway Thumbnail Image      Starting at $229.00      

Northface 35, Stowaway

Northwoods B6, The Basebox Thumbnail Image      Starting at $159.00      

Northwoods B6, The Basebox

SS16, Larkwood Lodge Thumbnail Image      Starting at $289.00      

SS16, Larkwood Lodge

Tiny Peace of Zen Thumbnail Image      Starting at $149.00      

Tiny Peace of Zen

Winterhaven 69, Appause Wetu Thumbnail Image      Starting at $299.00      

Winterhaven 69, Appause Wetu

Wildlife Thumbnail Image      Starting at $199.00      


B5 Northwoods Thumbnail Image      Starting at $159.00      

B5 Northwoods

Beaver Ridge 127 Thumbnail Image      Starting at $179.00      

Beaver Ridge 127

WoodHaven Thumbnail Image      Starting at $195.00      


Mountain Near House Thumbnail Image      Starting at $325.00      

Mountain Near House

Robyn's Nest Thumbnail Image      Starting at $325.00      

Robyn's Nest

Rippling Waters Thumbnail Image      Starting at $240.00      

Rippling Waters

Deerfield Village 41 Thumbnail Image      Starting at $169.00      

Deerfield Village 41

Highland Retreat Thumbnail Image      Starting at $199.00      

Highland Retreat

Almost Heaven Thumbnail Image      Starting at $220.00      

Almost Heaven

Eagle's Nest Thumbnail Image      Starting at $149.00      

Eagle's Nest

Herzwood D204 Thumbnail Image      Starting at $149.00      

Herzwood D204

Timberbrook Thumbnail Image      Starting at $229.00      


Mountain Glory Cabin Thumbnail Image      Starting at $350.00      

Mountain Glory Cabin

Robyn's Nest Thumbnail Image      Starting at $325.00      

Robyn's Nest

Evergreen Cabin Thumbnail Image      Starting at $229.00      

Evergreen Cabin

Northwoods F8 Thumbnail Image      Starting at $179.00      

Northwoods F8