Where the Locals Go for Great Food in Canaan Valley

Oct 1, 2018

The following restaurants are truly where the locals go for great food in the Canaan Valley area. In no particular order, we wanted to give you five great insights into local eats!


This coffee-shop and eatery with big city vibes serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee and drinks. An awesome mix of industrial, wood, and special unicorn-décor in the bathroom gives this bistro a relaxed and funky vibe.

With meatloaf, yam brownies, and burger nights, you can tell that TipTop is not your typical coffee shop. Obviously, try the coffee, lattes, and cold brews here but don’t be afraid to try their other custom items!


Sirianni’s Café

This rustic and cozy sit-down café is located in a soft green building on the corner of the main street in Davis, WV and often has wait time during peak seasons. That’s ok, though, because this menu is worth it! This unique café is West Virginia through and through with local history on the walls and the “flying WV” adorning many of the surfaces.

The menu has many house-made options such as a custom garlic salad dressing and a marinara sauce available for purchase by the pint. Siranni’s is known for their pizza: build your own with an exhaustive list of toppings or try a house specialty “Artery Clogger” or “Ellie Mae’s Big Breasted BBQ Chicken” pizza. Opened in 1988, Sirianni’s is a long-standing community favorite. Note: Siranni’s does not accept credit cards so be sure to bring your cash or checks.


Purple Fiddle

The Purple Fiddle is what you get when you combine a love for live music with a friendly atmosphere and a need for tasty food and drinks. This hot spot is located in a spacious brick building in the previous DePollo General Store in quaint Thomas, WV.

A mostly-acoustic music venue, The Purple Fiddle prides itself on being a family-friendly community gathering place to responsibly share a craft beer with good friends. The live music shows are booked well in advance and, The Fiddle, as it is affectionately called, turns into a standing-room only party nearly every Friday and Saturday evening at 8:30pm.

This is, afterall, a blog about the best food in the area so we can’t forget to mention the specialty deli-type items: A Wild Turkey or World Peace wrap with an appetizer of homemade hummus is a great lunch or dinner option before the music.


The Ice Cream Shop

The Ice Cream Shop is in downtown Davis, WV along the main street through town (Route 32). This rustic spot has exposed wood décor and an antique-feel seating area. They also have a cute swirl logo that they use on their menu to explain each of the sizes of their soft serve ice cream.

You can’t go wrong with a sweet banana split, pumpkin sundae or generously sized Flavor Burst cone. This shop is seasonal: typically open May through October.


Hellbender Burritos

Are you REALLY hungry? This unassuming joint has a low-key atmosphere: a lot of woodwork and cool music playing in the background to complement the selection of really big burritos. This small-ish restaurant often has a wait but with at least 10 unique West-Virginia inspired meal-size burritos, there is something for everyone. The “Hellbender”, “Treehugger” or the “Face Plant” are awesome choices that take over the plate. Good luck eating it all in one sitting.

Other food options are a variety of tacos, queso and chips and homemade soups. Just so you know: Hellbenders requests using only one credit card per order, does not split checks and are open Wednesday through Sunday.


The Canaan Valley area is also home to three awesome breweries so be on the lookout for our list of top local West Virginia beers!

Bear Brook Thumbnail Image      Starting at $165.00      

Bear Brook

By The Brook Thumbnail Image      Starting at $229.00      

By The Brook

Chalet Thumbnail Image      Starting at $165.00      


Evergreen Cabin Thumbnail Image      Starting at $229.00      

Evergreen Cabin

Lakeside Refuge Thumbnail Image      Starting at $550.00      

Lakeside Refuge

Mirror Lake Inn Thumbnail Image      Starting at $335.00      

Mirror Lake Inn

Mountainaire Thumbnail Image      Starting at $239.00      


Mountaineer Thumbnail Image      Starting at $179.00      


Northwoods F8, Bear Foot Inn Thumbnail Image      Starting at $149.00      

Northwoods F8, Bear Foot Inn

Orsinger's Barn Thumbnail Image      Starting at $349.00      

Orsinger's Barn

Silver Fox Thumbnail Image      Starting at $179.00      

Silver Fox

Spruce Haven Thumbnail Image      Starting at $219.00      

Spruce Haven

Uncle Wade's Cabin Thumbnail Image      Starting at $265.00      

Uncle Wade's Cabin

Valley Splendor Thumbnail Image      Starting at $189.00      

Valley Splendor

Valley View Thumbnail Image      Starting at $199.00      

Valley View

Cardinal Crest Thumbnail Image      Starting at $189.00      

Cardinal Crest

Cardinal Haus Thumbnail Image      Starting at $189.00      

Cardinal Haus

Winterset 19, Sara's Side Thumbnail Image      Starting at $229.00      

Winterset 19, Sara's Side

Aspen Knoll 6, Mountain Serenity Thumbnail Image      Starting at $299.00      

Aspen Knoll 6, Mountain Serenity

Deerfield Village 078, Mountaineers Thumbnail Image      Starting at $169.00      

Deerfield Village 078, Mountaineers

Deerfield Village 079, D'Bears Thumbnail Image      Starting at $169.00      

Deerfield Village 079, D'Bears

Northface 17, Abundant Blessings Thumbnail Image      Starting at $199.00      

Northface 17, Abundant Blessings

Ole Fezziwig's Thumbnail Image      Starting at $220.00      

Ole Fezziwig's

Northface 35, Stowaway Thumbnail Image      Starting at $199.00      

Northface 35, Stowaway

Northwoods B6, The Basebox Thumbnail Image      Starting at $159.00      

Northwoods B6, The Basebox

SS16, Larkwood Lodge Thumbnail Image      Starting at $299.00      

SS16, Larkwood Lodge

Tiny Peace of Zen Thumbnail Image      Starting at $149.00      

Tiny Peace of Zen

Winterhaven 69, Appause Wetu Thumbnail Image      Starting at $299.00      

Winterhaven 69, Appause Wetu

Wildlife Thumbnail Image      Starting at $199.00      


WoodHaven Thumbnail Image      Starting at $199.00      


Deerfield Village 41, Eagle's Retreat Thumbnail Image      Starting at $169.00      

Deerfield Village 41, Eagle's Retreat

Styxneste Thumbnail Image      Starting at $159.00      


Deerfield Village 109, Red Spruce Retreat Thumbnail Image      Starting at $179.00      

Deerfield Village 109, Red Spruce Retreat

Almost Heaven Thumbnail Image      Starting at $220.00      

Almost Heaven

Eagle's Nest Thumbnail Image      Starting at $149.00      

Eagle's Nest

Blackwater Punch, Herzwood D204 Thumbnail Image      Starting at $149.00      

Blackwater Punch, Herzwood D204

Timberbrook Thumbnail Image      Starting at $229.00      


Beaver's Den Thumbnail Image      Starting at $139.00      

Beaver's Den

Casa Sierra Thumbnail Image      Starting at $149.00      

Casa Sierra

Das Marchenhaus Thumbnail Image      Starting at $159.00      

Das Marchenhaus

Deer Creek Cottage Thumbnail Image      Starting at $149.00      

Deer Creek Cottage

Red Door Roost Thumbnail Image      Starting at $169.00      

Red Door Roost

Snow Oaks Thumbnail Image      Starting at $179.00      

Snow Oaks

THISISIT Thumbnail Image      Starting at $179.00      


Zen Too Thumbnail Image      Starting at $149.00      

Zen Too

Alpine Vista Thumbnail Image      Starting at $199.00      

Alpine Vista

Happy Cow Hideaway Thumbnail Image      Starting at $159.00      

Happy Cow Hideaway

Hickory House Thumbnail Image      Starting at $549.00      

Hickory House

Salty Peaks Thumbnail Image      Starting at $149.00      

Salty Peaks

Birch Haven Thumbnail Image      Starting at $159.00      

Birch Haven

Mountain Glory Cabin Thumbnail Image      Starting at $350.00      

Mountain Glory Cabin

Leaf Peeper's Chalet Thumbnail Image      Starting at $280.00      

Leaf Peeper's Chalet

Driftland Cabin Thumbnail Image      Starting at $250.00      

Driftland Cabin

Cardinal Haus Thumbnail Image      Starting at $189.00      

Cardinal Haus

Eagle's Nest Thumbnail Image      Starting at $149.00      

Eagle's Nest

Northface 17, Abundant Blessings Thumbnail Image      Starting at $199.00      

Northface 17, Abundant Blessings