Your Romantic Getaway in West Virginia is in Canaan Valley!

Whether you’re planning a trip for your honeymoon or just a weekend getaway, there is something for every couple to enjoy.

Looking to get away with your significant other? Search no further than Canaan Valley, West Virginia, a beautiful destination year-round. Known for its scenic views, wildlife and outdoor activities, Canaan Valley is perfect for a couples retreat. Plan your most romantic vacation yet by following our guide to exploring Canaan Valley.

Outdoor Activities

Get some fresh air by surprising your significant other with the opportunity to go horseback riding. Expertise is not needed to take in the peaceful views of the surrounding mountains and forestry while on the riding trails. If you’d rather, hike or bike the many trails throughout Canaan Valley that offer privacy and alone time instead.

Do you and your loved one enjoy taking adventures? Canaan Valley has whitewater rafting and ziplining opportunities to have some fun together. If it’s too cold to do either of those activities, skiing, tubing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, and sled riding may be better options to try. The National Wildlife Refuge offers some of these services as well as other activities such as a visitors’ center with attractions inside.

If planning a trip in the Fall, have some fun by attending the Leaf Peeper Festival to appreciate the leaf foliage that change into red, orange and yellow colors. Inflatable rides, a car show, live music, a parade, competitions, a 5K, and other events will be included in the Festival as well.

Scenic Attractions

Canaan Valley has beautiful scenic views perfect for a proposal or just to experience as a couple. Blackwater Falls, located in the Alleghany Mountains, is one of the most photographed destinations in the state of West Virginia. Trails to multiple vantage points are all along the falls, but also has a viewing platform to get a closer look. Take a tour through Smoke Hole Caverns, known for its unique mineral formations and rare crystal cave coral pool. Visit Seneca Rocks, a 900-foot pillar that is popular among rock climbers. If rock climbing is not for you and your loved one, Seneca Rocks is still a must see. All of these attractions are sure to be memorable for you both as a couple.

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Bear Brook Thumbnail Image      Starting at $170.00      

Bear Brook

Bear's Den Thumbnail Image      Starting at $139.00      

Bear's Den

By The Brook Thumbnail Image      Starting at $199.00      

By The Brook

Chalet Thumbnail Image      Starting at $170.00      


Evergreen Cabin Thumbnail Image      Starting at $220.00      

Evergreen Cabin

Fernbank West Thumbnail Image      Starting at $210.00      

Fernbank West

Glenverdant Thumbnail Image      Starting at $200.00      


Lakeside Refuge Thumbnail Image      Starting at $550.00      

Lakeside Refuge

Mirror Lake Inn Thumbnail Image      Starting at $300.00      

Mirror Lake Inn

Mountain House Thumbnail Image      Starting at $189.00      

Mountain House

Mountainaire Thumbnail Image      Starting at $280.00      


Mountaineer Thumbnail Image      Starting at $189.00      


Northwoods F8 Thumbnail Image      Starting at $160.00      

Northwoods F8

Orsinger's Barn Thumbnail Image      Starting at $260.00      

Orsinger's Barn

Our House Thumbnail Image      Starting at $199.00      

Our House

Silver Fox Thumbnail Image      Starting at $180.00      

Silver Fox

Spruce Haven Thumbnail Image      Starting at $190.00      

Spruce Haven

Uncle Wade's Cabin Thumbnail Image      Starting at $250.00      

Uncle Wade's Cabin

Valley Splendor Thumbnail Image      Starting at $180.00      

Valley Splendor

Valley View Thumbnail Image      Starting at $175.00      

Valley View

Winterset 12 Starry Nights Thumbnail Image      Starting at $270.00      

Winterset 12 Starry Nights

Peaceful Getaway Cabin Thumbnail Image      Starting at $139.00      

Peaceful Getaway Cabin

Cardinal Crest Thumbnail Image      Starting at $179.00      

Cardinal Crest

Walt's Paradise Thumbnail Image      Starting at $149.00      

Walt's Paradise

Cardinal Haus Thumbnail Image      Starting at $189.00      

Cardinal Haus

Buck Obsession Thumbnail Image      Starting at $295.00      

Buck Obsession

Aspen Knoll 6, Mountain Serenity Thumbnail Image      Starting at $280.00      

Aspen Knoll 6, Mountain Serenity

Deerfield Village 001, Deerfield's First Thumbnail Image      Starting at $140.00      

Deerfield Village 001, Deerfield's First

Deerfield Village 078, Mountaineers Thumbnail Image      Starting at $140.00      

Deerfield Village 078, Mountaineers

Ole Fezziwig's Thumbnail Image      Starting at $249.00      

Ole Fezziwig's

Northwoods B6, The Basebox Thumbnail Image      Starting at $150.00      

Northwoods B6, The Basebox

Tiny Peace of Zen Thumbnail Image      Starting at $135.00      

Tiny Peace of Zen

Wildlife Thumbnail Image      Starting at $200.00      


B5 Northwoods Thumbnail Image

B5 Northwoods

Red Creek Lodge Thumbnail Image      Starting at $149.00      

Red Creek Lodge

Beaver Ridge 127 Thumbnail Image      Starting at $125.00      

Beaver Ridge 127

WoodHaven Thumbnail Image      Starting at $200.00      


Mountain Glory (4WD required) Secluded Cabin, Comfortable Luxury, Valley Views Thumbnail Image      Starting at $300.00      

Mountain Glory (4WD required) Secluded Cabin, Comfortable Luxury, Valley Views

WoodHaven Thumbnail Image      Starting at $200.00      


Spruce Haven Thumbnail Image      Starting at $190.00      

Spruce Haven

Valley Splendor Thumbnail Image      Starting at $180.00      

Valley Splendor

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